We are eco Barnoldswick

About us

We are people living and working in or around Barnoldswick... and we're taking practical steps to improve our environment.

We believe that each of us can make small changes in the way we live, and that when added together these small changes will help us build a more sustainable community.

Shaun Nixon clearing rubbish and litter from Butts Beck in Valley Gardens

We are committed to working together to make Barnoldswick a community that cares for its environment.


We want to create a town with:

  • cleaner air
  • cleaner streets
  • less waste
  • lower energy homes and businesses

We will do this by:

  • learning together how we each can reduce the damage we do to our environment
  • running workshops, activities, and events to help create a local eco movement
  • working with local businesses and employers to support as they look for ways to reducing their ecological footprint

We are a non-political group and see the need to repair our world as being above politics and something that everyone can play a part in.

Eco tips

A collection of ideas put together by people who live in Barnoldswick

where you can try local refill shops
ways to reduce plastic packaging waste
how to recycle soft plastic at the co-op

There are 20+ tips so far:

We built a wormery


Hundreds of people met our worms on Spud Day

Saturday 12 February, Barnoldswick Town Square

Here at Barnoldswick's new eco group none of us had used a wormery before, so for Barnoldswick Spud Day and Food Festival we made one to show you. We made a wormery from some old boxes and Yorkshire Worms kindly donated some of their compost worms. Hundreds of people met the worms and saw how they turn food waste into food fuel. There were piles of the food and paper waste that goes into wormeries and compost bins, plus we had some real Barlick compost made in the last year by members of the eco group.

Shaun Nixon personal chef in the Yorkshire Dales

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We currently meet up in-person or on zoom every couple of weeks